TBBR 2.1

Our first year has been (by our standards) a smashing success. We published the work of 15 writers, several of whom had their first publication with us. One of our writers, Gretchen Johnson, saw her first short-story collection published. We crossed the 4,000 page views mark in June.

As we begin our second year/cycle, we’re increasing the size of each issue (depending, of course, upon the quality of submissions).  In this issue, we feature creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry by 12 writers. We hope you’ll agree that this is another issue packed full of literary goodness.

Thank you for your support of The Blue Bear Review!

Nathaniel L. Hansen, Editor


Dean Abbott (fiction)

L. Ward Abel (poetry)

Matthew Brennan (fiction)

Janet Butler (poetry)

Joan Colby (poetry)

John Grey (poetry)

James P. Hanley (fiction)

Peycho Kanev (poetry)

Steve Klepetar (poetry)

Devon Miller-Duggan (poetry)

Matthew Zanoni Müller (creative nonfiction)

Rhonda C. Poynter (poetry)