“I, the Minotaur,”–Matt Morris

get the myth thing, but I don’t see my kine
self as some sort of metaphor for “man’s
suppressed animalistic urges” (Fein-
berg 310).
++++++++++ Do sacrificial virgins,
tearing up & down the maze untouched by
the optimistic sun, think of themselves
as symbols of what,
++++++++++ lost youth?  Then why should I
consider my cretin hooves an old wives’
tale?  Are these monstrous horns of my father
merely figures of speech?  The cock & bull
story of my strange conception, rather
than literary,
++++++++++ conveys a literal
+++++ which you’d know if you knew anything
of my mother’s frustration with the king.

MATT MORRIS‘s first book, Nearing Narcoma, won the 2003 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award (selected by Joy Harjo). Pudding House has published his two chapbooks, Here’s How (2007) & Greatest Hits (2010). His poetry, recipient of five Pushcart nominations, has appeared in various magazines & anthologies.


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