TBBR 3.1

When I started this journal in August 2011, I  had no idea that The Blue Bear Review would have become this “successful.”  We’ve published authors from around the world, published authors whose work here is their first publication, published authors who have several books to their credit.  And as of today, we have over 8,700 page views–all this in a little over two years.

So, thus begins our third year (our ninth issue overall), and we couldn’t be more excited about the future of The Blue Bear Review.  As always, thanks for your support, your submissions, and your willingness to spread the news of TBBR!


Nathaniel L. Hansen, editor

This issue features creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry from these six writers:

Sara Backer

Terry Barr

Jon Beight

Anne Britting Oleson

Anson J. Pope

April Salzano